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My life as a news reporter

Sophie Lewis recently spent three weeks based at The Age newspaper seeing how news stories move very quickly from rough ideas and into print.

Extension of ACCESS climate model simulations to 2020

Reseachers have just extended a set of Australian climate model simulations on the ACCESS model through to the year 2020.

ACCESS model used to view natural variations

Continuing our Australian contribution to the international CMIP5 endeavour, we have just completed our second climate model simulation using only natural climate variations.

Can we attribute extreme events to global warming?

Can we ever link responsibility for a particular extreme climate event, such as the January 2013 heatwaves, to greenhouse gas emissions?

The human role in our changing climate

Sophie Lewis explains why it is now virtually certain that humans are causing climate change.

New ACCESS climate simulations from 1850-2005

Researchers within the Centre of Excellence have now completed two more climate simulations using the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) version 1.3, this time for the period 1850 to 2005 forced with increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases only.

ARCCSS engaged in international CMIP5 experiments

Sophie Lewis will be regularly reporting on research involving the ACESS1.3 model and its role in the worldwide CMIP5 experiment.

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