Part 4: A (mosquito) feast for all the senses

Picture: Hobart from Mt Wellington - By JJ Harrison ( via Wikimedia Commons.

by Jesse Greenslade
Fresh from poetry corner, I present the following:

Unwanted friends do sup with me,
coming unbidden from the scree.

What I would do to get away,
they worry at me night and day.

Ware and heed my dying call,
if you value blood at all.

Itchy downwards from my nose,
a living feast for mosquitoes.

Monday was a Hobart specific public holiday with fireworks and boat races and all that good stuff. I hiked up mount Wellington and got an amazing view from Glenorchy down to Bruny Island.

Joining me for lunch was several thousand mosquitoes, biting my left shoulder 21 times and giving me a nice polka dot motif down the side of my body. I believe I am the mosquito messiah, born again in order to infuse legion insects with my delicious red gravy.

I would add a photo of Mount Wellington, but I did not take any and you can just google it anyway (as I did, see above - Ed). Google also the 10 dollar burgers from Telegraph Hotel in Hobart, they are excellent value. How great is the information age?

I have two weeks left in which I must organise my ozone project into legible and informative summary format.

I realise now that I should have set up the framework for this a long time ago, I have never written a paper in this style and have rarely written reports since high school.

Today’s data focussed image shows the distribution of stratosphere to troposphere ozone intrusions based on how far down into the troposphere the ozone came.

The graphic makes clear that over Davis the majority of events occur in winter while over Macquarie and Melbourne more events occur in late summer/ early autumn.

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