CO2 fertilisation research workshop, June 5-6, 2017

by Michael Roderick
Picture (left): Eucalyptus by Joce Cory (CC BY 2.0 - Flickr)

ARCCSS recently co-sponsored, along with the CSIRO and University of Western Sydney, a two-day workshop on the response of vegetation to increasing CO2. The workshop involved 30 of the leading Australian experts on the response of vegetation to increasing CO2 fertilisation meeting. The workshop was hosted by the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE), University of Western Sydney. As many readers will know, HIE hosts a world-class experimental facility where the response of mature Eucalypt woodland to increasing CO2 is being evaluated.

During the workshop we heard from a range of speakers on topics including (i) an evaluation of global and Australian studies on CO2 fertilisation, (ii) observations describing how the carbon and water cycles have responded to increasing CO2. The workshop was mostly organised by one of our associate investigators, Dr Randall Donohue from CSIRO Land and Water with support from Prof. David Ellsworth, one of the chief investigators at HIE.

Further Information: Dr Randall Donohue (CSIRO,

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