R U OK? Day

by Melissa Hart

Thursday, September 14, is RUOK? day, a day that encourages us to have regular, meaningful conversations about life’s ups and downs. So let me start the conversation.

Twenty percent of Australians have experienced a mental illness over the past 12 months, and this percentage tends to be higher in university students. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to point out resources available across the ARCCSS/CLEx universities for students and staff.

All five of our universities offer free counselling services for both students and staff. I have listed contact details below.

Within ARCCSS, Kaitlin Alexander and I are trained as mental health first aiders. We cannot provide professional medical treatment, but we can assist someone developing a mental health problem by providing comfort and promoting recovery, and by providing support and information on how to get medical help. We can also offer help during periods of difficulties with coping mentally. We are available at any time to all within the centre, either in person or by email or phone. Our contact details are below.

All of our universities offer mental health first aid training so if you feel you could contribute by becoming a mental health first aider, please sign up for one of the courses. 


Support available

ARCCSS mental health first aiders





University of Melbourne


University of Tasmania


A reminder that you should all nurture your physical and mental health and take breaks from your work by taking your annual leave. Students, this goes for you too. You get 20 days annual leave/year as part of your scholarship. Please take it.

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