Royal Society reports on progress since IPCC's AR5

The Royal Society has released a progress report that updates the state of climate science since the last IPCC Working Group 1 assessment released in 2013. As the introduction notes, this progress report shows where new studies are starting to fill identified gaps in our knowledge of climate change. It sums up by saying that in some cases, new work suggests changes in the probability of certain outcomes occurring, but in most cases the broad statements made by IPCC still appear valid

The Society's report examines 13 specific questions  that cover everything from rises in methane concentrations to whether the global warming hiatus of the early 21st Century even occurred. References in the report refer to a number of papers that have directly come from ARCCSS research on climate sensitivity; temperature and rainfall extremes; carbon uptake by land; and water availability with climate change. It's worth noting that our own Dr Anna Ukkola from the Lands Research Program had three separate lead author papers included as references in the report, which is an impressive reflection on her research.

You can find the full report here (pdf) and the references section here (pdf).  



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