COECSS Newsletters

Below you will find links to the regular Centre of Excellence newsletters.



June/July/August Newsletter

  • Directors report: New partnership with Breakaway Labs, moving across to Raijin, significant RP progress, science workshop and IPCC report.
  • Graduate directors report: 2013 Winter School, scientific paper writing workshop, Matthew Lipson visits Universitas 21.
  • Centre manager report: Yes, it's report season again. Some impressive statistics for the year so far
  • CMS report: Find out more about the new structure of CMS
  • Research programs update: It has been a busy year so far for our research programs filled with achievements
  • CoECSS Annual workshop: The latest news on our annual workshop, this year in Victoria.
  • Winter school welcomed 14 students from China
  • Writing workshop a big success.
  • Matt Lipson takes on an urban challenge
  • Steve Sherwood presents at the new Navarino Environmental Observatory
  • Special workshop on the interface between weather and climate
  • Shayne McGregor makes Fresh Science finals
  • Four CoECSS researchers are selected for the Climate Communications Fellows Program
  • Andrew King and Markus Donat recently attended the 12th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology in Korea.
  • The Centre of Excellence played a key role at MPE 2013. A powerful speech by Chief Scientists Ian Chubb is a must read.
  • Recent papers of interest:  Nutrient variability in Subantarctic Mode Waters forced by the Southern Annualr Mode and ENSO; Anthropogenic contributions to Australia's record summer temperatures of 2013; Temperature response to future urbanisation and climate change in Sydney.


March/April/May Newsletter

  • Directors report: UK Met Office visit, farewell Mike Rezny, future investment.
  • Graduate directors report: Scientific paper writing workshop, additional funding for international graduate students, Winter School 2013, student wiki
  • Centre manager report: ARC Centres of Excellence administration workshop
  • Mike Rezny leaves for the UK Met Office
  • A meteorological tour of the UK Science Museum archive
  • Staff achievements
  • New climate science laboratory
  • Two Chrises go to Antarctica, again
  • Climate science survey
  • What Sophie did next - climate science blogs
  • Adrift website goes live
  • Videoconference collaborations
  • Recent papers of interest: Continental-scale temperature variability during the last two millennia; Robust direct effect of carbon dioxide on tropical circulation and regional precipitation.


January/February Newsletter

  • Director's report: AMOS sponsorship, CoECSS priorities in 2013.
  • Graduate Director's report: Student welcome, AMSI careers session, Winter School 2013, nternational connections.
  • AMOS conference 2013
  • Summer scholarships
  • Understanding technical environments
  • CABLE news
  • CLIVAR workshop
  • PAGES conference
  • CMIP-5 data
  • Seeking student suggestions
  • Instructions for video-conferencing
  • New Facebook page
  • Engaging China in climate science
  • Nine PhD scholarships available
  • Lisa Alexander wins another award
  • New arrivals: Stephanie Waterman, Ruth Lorenz, Mitchell Black
  • Papers of interest: On the measurement of heatwaves




December Newsletter

  • Graduate Directors report
  • Robert Johnson's expedition to Antarctica
  • If Hurricane Sandy hit New York in 2050
  • International Year of Mathematics of Planet Earth
  • Test version of simple climate model available online
  • Call for abstracts at Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
  • Best practices for scientific computing
  • Choosing the right colours for scientific graphics
  • The future of abstract submissions
  • Matt England wins NSW Scientist of the Year Award in Maths, Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Physics
  • Nathan Bindoff receives National Award for Climate Futures for Tasmania project
  • New arrivals: Agus Santoso
  • Visitors: Dr Rachel Stratton
  • Recent papers of interest: Slowdown of the Walker Circulation driven by tropical Indo-Pacific warming


October/November Newsletter

  • Letter from the director: Winter workshop, our award winning researchers, video conferencing
  • Centre manager report: Farewell to Simone, Tertiary Education Management Conference
  • Graduate director report: The Centre's graduate program, student wikis, student recruitment
  • CMS report: The importance of back-ups.
  • Program reports from Convection, Extremes, Variability, Lands and Ocean groups
  • CLiMDDIR Portal moved into beta version
  • Chapman Conference report - format leads to collaborations
  • Young researchers take on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania
  • New introduction to Python book
  • Ozone and climate change article
  • Attribution of climate related extremes meeting
  • Michael Roderick wins Dalton award
  • Todd Lane wins Editor's Award from Monthly Weather Review
  • Muhammad Hassim awarded PhD
  • Katrin Meissner wins UNSW Postgraduate Council Supervisor Award
  • New arrivals: Juan Saenz, Will Hobbs
  • Recent papers of interest: Global rainfall variability decreased over past 50 years.
  • Recent papers of interest: Increased frequency of global heatwaves


August/September Newsletter

  • Letter from the director: Hobart workshop, building communities and welcome to new staff
  • Centre manager report: A review of our first year
  • Graduate director report: Some super problems at our Winter Workshop
  • CMS special feature: The development of the new Gung-Ho climate model
  • ERA-Interim datasets available from ECMWF
  • ClimDDIR project website portal connected to software
  • Using the services of the CMS team
  • Centre of Excellence PhD scholarships
  • David Karoly appointed to Climate Change Authority
  • Andy Hogg awarded future fellowship
  • Acknowledging NCI and our own CMS team
  • AMOS conference call for abstracts
  • Storm chasing at tornado alley (great pictures)
  • Annual reporting season
  • How to spot dodgy arguments
  • Finding royalty free photos online
  • Recent papers of interest:  Extreme high temperatures increase by 40%
  • Recent papers of interest: Unusual weather conditions contribute to Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires.
  • Welcome to new staff


June/July Newsletter

  • Letter from the director: Building collaborations with CAWCR and other partners
  • From the desk of Mike Rezny (CMS): Mode development in a community supported model
  • COECSS completes its first CMip5 historical run on ACCESS  1.0
  • WCRP names Prof Christian Jakob Co-chair of Modelling Advisory Council
  • High resolution data for NSW climate impact researchers
  • COECSS website conversion
  • ERA-Interim data now available
  • Online workshop for Giovanni data and analysis tool
  • Adding a QR code to a poster
  • Understanding CMIP5
  • Centre scientists receive awards from Australian Academy of Science
  • 30th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteology
  • PhD awarded to Muhammad Hassim
  • Recent papers of interest: Thunderstorms could cause clear-air turbulence
  • Recent papers of interest: Ocean circulation measured by temperature salinity co-ordinates
  • Recent papers of interest: World first measurement of global fronts


April/May Newsletter

  • CMS updates
  • COMA workshop
  • AMOS conference
  • Adele Morrison invited to Nobel Laureae meeting
  • Andrew King off to NCCR Climate Summer School
  • Prof Nathan Bindoff's sabatical
  • Administrative staff symposium
  • Conference report: WCRP CMIP5 Workshop
  • Conference report: 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting
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