ARCCSS First Annual Workshop

Photos from the Hobart Workshop 2012.


Presentations shown at the workshop can be found by clicking on this link

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science convened its first annual workshop in Hobart, from Tuesday to Thursday, September 25‐27, 2012, at the Henry Jones Art Hotel.

The program of talks and posters showcased ARCCSS research, and provided an opportunity for ARCCSS members to interact within and across research programs.


You can see a full list of abstracts here.


A young researchers workshop was held on the Monday before the main workshop. Click here to see the full agenda of the young researchers workshop.

The meeting was open to all ARCCSS participants: Chief, Partner and Associate Investigators, postdocs and students and colleagues from Partner Organisations including, in particular, CAWCR.

The focus of this workshop will be on the latest research advances in all five research programs being under the ARCCSS umbrella including:

  • The effects of tropical convection in Australia’s climate
  • Mechanisms explaining changes in Australian climate extremes
  • The role of land surface forcing and feedbacks for regional climate
  • Drivers of spatial and temporal climate variability in extra-­‐tropical Australia
  • Mechanisms, attribution and consequences of past and future ocean circulation change

A further session was held on Climate modelling systems with a particular focus on the ACCESS model.


Invited Speakers


Workshop programs



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