CABLE roadmap available online

The roadmap for the Community Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange (CABLE) is now available online. The roadmap covers the period from 2012 to 2017.

Six research areas relating to CABLE science have been defined, each with a broad research goal. These research areas are:

  • Weather forecasting.
  • Climate change projections.
  • Water resources management.
  • Carbon management and accounting.
  • Environmental information and accounting.
  • Integrated assessment.

CABLE has been developed over the past 20 years by the Australian research community. This research was initially led by CSIRO but now includes major contributions from the Bureau of Beach Meteorology and several universities (particularly through the Centre of Excellence in Climate System Science).

CABLE’s performance is now comparable with the best land surface schemes used in the international community.

It is also now a community model. This has helped the development and improvement of model while increasing its uptake across the research community.

However, to get the full benefit from a community model requires good governance structures, open access to the code, standardised benchmarking tests, technical support and effective communication between users.

The formulation of the CABLE roadmap defines these structures making it more robust while allowing efficient and impartial utilisation of community contributions to the model.

If you want to know more, you can read the new roadmap document by following this link.

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