Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships

The ARC Centre of Excellence Undergraduate Summer Scholarships in Climate System Science are highly competitive scholarships intended to provide undergraduate students from Australian universities an introduction to cutting-edge climate science research at one of our five universities, or our national partners- CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology and Department of Environment.

Students should be in their second, third, or post-honours year and interested in pursuing honours or a postgraduate degree in climate system science.

Scholarships are available for students to conduct supervised research for a six-week period during the summer break from November to February, with a break around the holidays. The scholarships are valued at $3,800 for the six-week research project.

Applications for summer 2016/17 will open in August.

Note- if you are interested in a project based at Monash University you must apply directly through the Monash University vacation research scholarship scheme.

If you have any questions about our undergraduate summer research scholarships please contact Graduate Director- Dr. Melissa Hart

Summer 2015/16 projects

Based at UNSW

Students interested in projects based at UNSW are encouraged to also apply through the UNSW Faculty of Science vacation scholarship scheme.

  • Web-based climate model: A tool for science communication, policy decisions and teaching [More information]
  • Climate extremes teleconnections with ENSO in observations and models [More information]
  • Tropical Atlantic influence on the El Niño-Southern Oscillation [More information]
  • Impact of oceanic circulation changes on the climate and carbon cycle [More information]
  • How extreme will Australia’s climate get by the late 21st century? [More Information]
  • Investigating projected rainfall changes in Australia using different model resolutions [More information]
  • Adaptation activities in Northern Australia: responding to climate extremes [More information]

Based at University of Tasmania

  • Rainfall and drivers in Tropical Australia: A probabilistic approach [More information]

  • A comparison of atmospheric forcings of the Southern Ocean [More information]

  • The impact of Antarctic ice sheet melt on the Southern Ocean [More information]

Based at the University of Melbourne

  • Exploring intriguing rainfall patterns in the tropics [More information]
  • Quantifying the role of increased greenhouse gas concentrations on changes in Australian heatwaves [More information]

  • Analysing trends in pollutants in Australia [More information]

Based at CSIRO/University of Melbourne- this project is supported by the Department of Environment

  • Atmospheric chemistry climate model evaluation using ozone metrics [More information]

Based at Monash University

(Please apply for Monash based projects directly through the Monash University vacation research scholarship scheme)

  • Simple Climate Model Projects [More information]

  • Synoptic-scale patterns associated with severe weather outbreaks in Southeast Australia [More information]

  • Characterizing extreme precipitating fronts [More information]

  • Reassessing the initiation and predictability of El Nino events [More information]

  • The role of the stratospheric circulation in predicting the troposphere [More information]

  • The role of clouds in the vertical temperature structure of the tropical atmosphere [More information]

Based at the Australian National University

Students interested in projects based at ANU are also encouraged to apply through the ANU summer research program.

  • Understanding turbulent mixing generated by flow over topography [More information]

Based at CSIRO, Aspendale, VIC

Please apply directly with CSIRO here.


Details of projects undertaken during previous summers can be found here.


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