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And again – head in the clouds, or clouds in my head?

UK collaboration visit: April - June 2015

Duncan Ackerley has been doing some impressive collaborations with the UK Met Office as well as driving tanks across the English countryside.

To the ice-edge and back

Robyn Schofield reports on a new era of Southern Ocean atmospheric observation from the bridge of the RV Investigator.

Part 4: Python's snakey problems could stump Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci once said 'Learning never exhausts the mind'. Times have changed, Mr da Vinci.

Part 4: A (mosquito) feast for all the senses

Part 3: What is a heatwave?

Part 2: Python on L-plates

If programmers are professional drivers, then Jacqui Fenwick reckons she is now on her programming L-plates

Part 3: Expeditions, research and a new home

Jesse has problems with his bike gears, notes the prevalence of wet-weather gear in Tassie and gears up to share his research with the experts.

Part 1: Jacqui walks the dark alleyway

Research: Came for the answer, stayed for the question

James Goldie is a PhD student at ARCCSS. During the course of his PhD he will be writing regular blogs about his work and what it is like to be a PhD student.

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