Jennifer Wurtzel

Supervisors: Nerilie J. Abram

Thesis Title

16,000 years of climate variability recorded in an aragonite-calcite speleothem from Sumatra, Indonesia


Prior to starting her PhD at the ANU, Jennifer completed a B.S. (2008) in Earth Systems Science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and an M.S. (2012) in Marine and Atmospheric Science at SUNY Stony Brook.
Jennifer's current work involves using stalagmites to develop a high-resolution reconstruction of climate variability from Sumatra, Indonesia in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool.  This record will be compared to other regional records and climate models to help unravel the complex and competing climate modes that influence this region. 

Jen's sample is also remarkable for its alternating mineralogy with periods of primary calcite deposition punctuating the otherwise aragonite speleothem.  Future work will examine the trace element signatures and isotopic compositions of bedrock and soil near the cave site in order to gain a better understanding of the timing and reason for the unusual calcite/aragonite depositional pattern.

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