Mainak Mondal

PhD Student

Australian National University
Supervisors: Professor Bishakh Gayen, A/Prof Andy Hogg, Professor Ross Griffiths

M.Tech in Earth System Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Kharagapur,2014.

M.Tech thesis: Effects of aerosol on Bay of Bengal tropical cyclone intensity.

M. Sc in pure physics, Guru Ghasidus University, Bilaspur, India,2010.

Post Graduate Diploma in Astronomy and Planetarium Science, MPBirla Institute of Fundamental Research, India, 2008.

B. Sc, University of Calcutta, India, 2007.

Thesis Title

Internal wave Activity at the ice-shelves in Antactica


The objectives of my research is to study the dissolving of ice shelves under Antarctic seawater conditions with effects of 1. Slope of ice-shelves, 2. Stratification, 3. Internal wave activities.  The limitation of field data under ice-shelves and difficulty in measurement of heat and salt transport and melting process in the complex dynamics motivate us to use direct numerical simulation (DNS) to model this process. The DNS results will be interpreted in the geophysical context of ongoing melting of the Antarctic ice shelves and will be used to improve the parameterisation of Regional Ocean Models.

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