Alice Barthel

Former PhD student

Los Alamos National Laboratory (US)

University of New South Wales

Supervisors: Dr Stephanie Waterman, Prof Matthew England, A/Prof Andy Hogg

Thesis Title

Southern Ocean eddy mixing: the effects of jet-topography interactions


Alice started her PhD at UNSW in 2013. Her research focuses on eddy mixing processes in the Southern Ocean. In particular, her project will investigate how jet-topography interactions affect eddy mixing through the combined use of observations and idealised models.

Before joining UNSW, Alice completed a MSc Oceanography in Southampton (UK) where she studied the Agulhas Undercurrent from NEMO outputs. She also did short-term research work in Grenoble (France) looking at intrinsic variability of the ocean at interannual timescales, with focus on the Gulf Stream region.

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