Dr Andrea Taschetto

Associate Investigator

Phone: (02) 9385 0367
Email: a.taschetto@unsw.edu.au

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo, Brazil (1999)
  • Master of Science in Physical Oceanography, University of São Paulo, Brazil (2001)
  • PhD in Physical Oceanography, University of São Paulo, Brazil (2006)


Andrea investigates the mechanisms by which the oceans can affect the climate through numerical models. She is interested in climate variability, teleconnection patterns in the Southern Hemisphere, air-sea interactions and statistical methods for data analysis.

Her work looks at the impact of global sea surface temperature variability on regional precipitation over Australia and South America. She is particular interested in the mechanisms of the different types of El Nino Southern Oscillation and how these influence atmospheric circulation and interact with other oceanic basins. She was awarded the Australian Academy of Science Dorothy Hill Award 2016 for her contribution to the climate science field.

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