Dr Claudia Frauen


Centre National de Recherces Meteorologiques
Meteo France

Phone: (03) 9902 4211
Email: claudia.frauen@monash.edu
Researcher ID: A-3814-2012


Claudia’s research focuses on coupled ocean-atmosphere modes of variability on interannual to multi-decadal time scales. The aim is to identify the mechanisms responsible for this variability by using coupled climate model simulations.

She earned her PhD from Kiel University in 2010 where she studied the mechanisms and interactions of the El Nino Southern Oscillation mode. As part of this, Claudia developed a new hybrid coupled atmosphere-ocean model.

Prior to this, she earned her Diploma in Mathematics from Aachen University of Applied Sciences and worked as an application programmer at the Research Centre Juelich.

Claudia has now moved to Centre National de Recherces Meteorologiques (CNRM)

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