Dipayan Choudhury

PhD Student

Email: d.choudhury@unsw.edu.au
Supervisors: Ashish Sharma, Alex Sen Gupta, Rajeshwar Mehrotra

Thesis Title

Assessment and Correction of Climate Drift in Decadal Climate Simulations from a Hydrological Viewpoint


Dipayan works on addressing the drift observed in decadal climate predictions from a hydrologic viewpoint. The primary objective is aimed at the decadal predictability of rainfall from climate models. During his PhD, he would look at the climate indices commonly used as predictors of Australian rainfall and their predictability from the CMIP5 decadal experiments. He would then model a bias correction mechanism to deal with the drift inherent in the prediction experiments. This would help in obtaining the true socio-economic worth of the decadal climate experiments.

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