Dörte Jakob

PhD student

Bureau of Meteorology
Email: D.Jakob@bom.gov.au
Researcher ID: A-4251-2012
Supervisors: David Karoly, Alan Seed

Thesis Title

Hydrological extremes and consequences of climate change


Dörte is particularly interested in effects of climate change on rainfall extremes and is currently undertaking a part-time PhD on the topic at the University of Melbourne
She is currently the Manager of the Hydrometeorological Advisory Services in the National Climate Centre at the Bureau of Meteorology after completing a degree in Meteorology at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. She joined the Bureau of Meteorology in 2003, where she has been leading a pilot study to revise techniques for design rainfall estimation in preparation for a revision of the national guidelines, the ‘Australian Rainfall and Runoff’ and another project to explore the potential effects of climate change on estimates of Probable Maximum Precipitation. She has also contributed to research undertaken as part of the Australian Climate Change Science Program (ACCSP) and the Indian Ocean Climate Initiative.

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