Hamish Ramsay

School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash

Phone: (03) 9902 4213
Email: Hamish.Ramsay@monash.edu

  • BSc (Meteorology), University of Melbourne, (1999)
  • PGD (Meteorology), Australian Bureau of Meteorology Training Ct, (2000)
  • MS (Meteorology), University of Oklahoma, (2004)
  • PhD (Meteorology), University of Oklahoma, (2008)


Hamish’s research is focused on tropical meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, severe local storms and numerical modelling.

He is particularly interested in the structure, dynamics and climatology of atmospheric convection on a variety of scales, ranging from climate controls on tropical cyclones to small-scale processes governing shallow convection.

A large component of his research is on the response of tropical cyclone frequency and intensity to climate variability and change.

Hamish also employs a wide range of tools as part of this work including observational data sets, cloud-resolving models, single-column models and large eddy simulations.

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