Dr Mitchell Moncrief

Associate Investigator

NCAR Earth System Laboratory
Email: moncrief@ucar.edu

  • BSc Mathematics, Aberdeen University
  • PhD Atmospheric Science/Meteorology, London University


A Senior Scientist, Dr. Moncrieff has led research groups in the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division. Previously Reader in Dynamical Meteorology in the Physics Department, Imperial College, London, he joined NCAR in 1986. He has formulated innovative dynamical models of organized moist convection, firstly on weather scales. He extended these principles to interpret and approximate intraseasonal tropical variability, multiscale cloud-system simulation, field-campaign analysis, and parameterization. He recently moved to the Climate and Global Dynamics Division to concentrate on mesoscale convective organization from a climate perspective. He and Dr. Duane Waliser (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) co-Chair the Year of Tropical Convection (www.ucar.edu/yotc), a joint World Climate Research Programme and World Weather Research Programme international project.

Dr. Moncrieff's extensive service on national and international advisory bodies includes the Madden-Julian Oscillation Focus Theme, NSF Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes; Madden-Julian Oscillation Subseasonal Working Group; CloudSat Application Advisory Group; Global Energy & Water Experiment Scientific Steering Committee; Dynamics of Madden-Julian Oscillation. A founder-member of the Global Energy &Water Experiment Cloud System Study, he was inaugural Chair of the Precipitating Convective Cloud Systems Working Group. His publications include a dozen invited chapters in books and proceedings, and over 100 papers in the refereed literature.


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