Nadja Herger

PhD Student

Supervisors: Dr Gab Abramowitz, Prof Steve Sherwood, Prof Reto Knutti

Thesis Title

Accounting for interdependence of climate models in multi-model ensembles


Nadja started her PhD in July 2015 at the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW. During her PhD, she will study the interdependence of climate models and will propose ways to account for it in multi-model ensembles (e.g., CMIP5). This is relevant as multi-model ensembles are a key tool to express uncertainty in future climate projection. Internal climate variability and its interaction with external climate forcing will be investigated.
Nadja completed both her Bachelor's and Master's degree at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She conducted her Master's thesis at NCAR in Boulder, supervised by Benjamin Sanderson and Reto Knutti. Her PhD will be supervised by Gab Abramowitz.


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