Dr Nicolas Jourdain

Associate Investigator

LGGE, France

Matthews Building
UNSW, NSW, 2052

Email: Nicolas.Jourdain@lgge.obs.ujf-grenoble.fr

  • Coupling between an atmospheric regional model and a regional ocean-sea ice model in Antarctica: analysis of feedback mechanisms in which sea ice is involved. LGGE (Lab. Glaciology & Geophysics Environment), Grenoble, France. PhD (2007)


Nicolas is analyzing the climate model biases over the region of the Maritime Continent. He is developing high-resolution models to understand the role of fine-scale topography and air-sea interactions in that region. Nicolas is now also looking at ocean and atmosphere interfaces with the Antarctic ice sheet, with a particular focus on the last decades/near future variations.
Previously, he has investigated the Australian/Asian monsoon and IOD-ENSO interactions in the CMIP5 models (CCRC, Australia), the interannual variability of tropical cyclogenesis (IRD, New Caledonia), the air-sea interactions under tropical cyclones (LEGI, France), and the interaction between katabatic winds and sea ice in Antarctic polynyas (LGGE, France).

For more information, visit the website of Nicolas Jourdain here.

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