Dr Nina Ridder

Former PhD student

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Email: n.ridder@unsw.edu.au
Researcher ID: C-1772-2012
Supervisors: Matthew England, Katrin Meissner, Willem Sijp

Thesis Title

Past and future changes in the cycling of carbon in the coupled ocean-atmosphere system


Nina is interested in the ocean's role in the global carbon cycle. She evaluates the influence of selected mechanisms andboundary conditions on the carbon uptake and storage characteristics of the ocean. Special attention is paid to the separation of the contributions of changes in the physical state of the ocean, e.g. ocean temperature and salinity, as well as changes in marine biology and biological processes within the ocean. Through the choice of specific boundary conditions that are representative for past, present and future climates, Nina investigates the evolution of the carbon cycle in the ocean and the exchange of carbon between atmosphere and ocean through various states of the Earth's history.

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