Dr Penelope Maher

Former PhD Student at UNSW

University of Exeter
Email: penelope.maher@unsw.edu.au
Supervisors: Steven Sherwood, Joe Kidston, Christian Jakob


Penelope completed a PhD at the CCRC in 2014 with Steve Sherwood. Her PhD focused on the interactions between convection and interseasonal to interannual variability of the atmosphere in global climate models, in CMIP5 class models and the reduced complexity GFDL aquaplanet.

Penelope is currently a post-doc at the University of Exeter working with Geoff Vallis. Her current research is focused on implementing the Simplified Betts-Miller Convection Scheme into the UKs Unified Model and investigating variability in large-scale circulation within the context of the GFDL aquaplanet.

More information can be found on her website: www.penelopemaher.com

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