Dr Willem Huiskamp

Former PhD student

CCRC, University of NSW Sydney

Matthews Building
UNSW, 2052

Email: w.huiskamp@unsw.edu.au
Supervisors: Katrin Meissner, Chris Turney

Thesis Title

The Southern Hemisphere Westerlies and the carbon cycle during the late Holocene


The last 3000 years in the northern hemisphere encompasses a range of climate extremes, including relative warmth (including the latter part of the twentieth century and the so-called ‘Medieval Warm Period’) and cooling (the ‘Little Ice Age’). The climate mechanisms of these changes remains unresolved. Using the University of Victoria (UVic) Earth System Climate Model, this project will investigate different mechanisms of past climate change by exploring the impact of changing atmospheric circulation (with a particular focus on the southern hemisphere) on global climate and ocean circulation. To test the outputs, 14C and palaeoclimate reconstruction comparisons will be made regionally and globally.

You can find out more about Willem at his website.

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