Fluid Mechanics Primer

The 2014 ARCCSS Winter School will focus on Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, with lectures and labs covering fundamental fluid processes that are important in the atmosphere and ocean. This primer is designed to ensure that participants have sufficient background knowledge of fluid mechanics. Lecturers will take the equations derived here as assumed knowledge . . .

There are three ways for you to assimilate this material:

  1. Read the provided Fluid Mechanics Primer document, click here to access. If you understand all, then you will be OK. If this material doesn't make sense to you, then:
  2. Sections 2-5 each have an accompanying video primer, see below,  which will expand upon and explain the steps to reach each equation, and the importance of each equation;
  3. Most of this material is also contained in Vallis' textbook:
    Vallis, G. K. (2006). Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics: Fundamentals and Large-Scale Circulation. Cambridge Univ. Press. Specific chapter numbers that you should be familiar with are noted in the Primer document. This textbook is the approximate level which your lecturers will be aiming for.

Primer Lectures

Lecture 1- Conservation of Mass

Lecture 2- Advection-Diffusion Equation

Lecture 3- Conservation of Momentum

Lecture 4- Rotation

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