Winter school 2017- supplementary material

Please note that this page will be continuously updated up to, during, and after the Winter School week so be sure to keep checking it for new material.

Winter School Schedule

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Winter School Welcome Pack

Useful information about UNSW, winter school accommodation, social events, transportation and important contact details. Click here to download the Welcome Pack.

Monash Simple Climate Model Lab Session

For an introduction to the model, click here.

For lab instructions, click here.

To access the model, click here.

Recommended reading:

Dommenget, D. and J. Floeter (2011) Conceptual Understanding of Climate Change with a Globally Resolved Energy Balance Model Climate Dynamics, 37, 11, 2143-2165.

Recommended reading

More coming soon...

Lecture 1- Radiative forcing

Lecture 3- Anthropogenic perturbed carbon cycle

Lecture slides

Lectures 1 & 2 - Radiative forcing + Feedbacks and feedback analyses; climate sensitivity (Steve Sherwood)

Lecture 3 - Anthropogenic perturbed carbon cycle (Pete Strutton)

Lecture 4 - Palaeoclimate (Laurie Menviel)

Lecture 5 - Land surface processes: background and role in climate (Andy Pitman)

Lecture 6 - Land surface processes: contribution to climate change on short and long timescales (Andy Pitman)

Lecture 7 -  Atmosphere mechanisms- large scale (Dietmar Dommenget)

Lecture 8 - Atmospheric mechanisms- small scale (Claire Vincent)

Lecture 9 - Ocean heat uptake; sea level rise (John Church)

Lecture 10 - Ocean mechanisms- thermohaline, Southern Ocean (Leela Frankcombe)

Lecture 11 - Ocean mechanisms- modes of variability (Leela Frankcombe)

Lecture 12 - Transient v equilibrium responses; rapid adjustments; scenarios; geoengineering; climate commitment; carbon budget (Julie Arblaster)                                          

Lecture 13 - Detection and attribution (Nathan Bindoff)

Lecture 14 - The IPCC process (Nathan Bindoff)

Lecture 15 - Communicating climate change (Matt England)


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