Part 3: Expeditions, research and a new home

by Jesse Greenslade
How quickly my Friday blog deadline creeps forward!

Lots of Juicy events including a poorly executed 30km bike ride, new accommodation in a shared house, and preparation for tomorrow’s ozone group meeting in Melbourne.

First off what went wrong with my bicycle expedition to Mona: by far the biggest problem was when I couldn’t find the gallery, but smaller issues like low tyre pressure and no gears played a role in my wobbly leg week end. On the plus side Berriedale did indeed have some berries, I had half a kilo of cherries for lunch for just five dollars.


I moved out of my prior rental and into a shared house which has roughly 400 rooms and can accommodate almost 20000 people, luckily for now it is mostly empty and I finally get to enjoy all the luxuries of the internet! The first thing I did was turn on Pandora and google my way to Woolworths.

Tomorrow I am flying to Melbourne to meet various ozone researchers and also present my work as a ‘preliminary summary’. It should be good to hear what the experts have to say and working on a slideshow has forced me to write down and take stock of what I am aiming to do with this research.

One preliminary summary of the ozonesonde data profiles includes a seasonal frequency of events and the altitude of the peaks of the events.

In the image going clockwise from top left: altitude of tropopause on event days, frequency of events by month, ozone peak distance from tropopause histogram, and ozone peak height histogram.

Now events are commonly associated with cold fronts and cut off lows, and here we can see that the majority of events occurred in late Summer(J,F,M,A). It remains to be seen whether that matches our expectations. NB: the algorithm for flagging events seems to work but has not been thoroughly tested in any way.

How can I end the blog without mentioning the weather in Hobart? I quite enjoy not seeing people and wearing my rain jacket so it has been an exceptional week.

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