Computational Modelling Services (CMS)

A major initiative of the Centre is to provide a supported Earth Systems Laboratory (ESL) for researchers to run Earth Systems models and to analyse data.

The provision of a single shared ESL will allow researchers throughout the community to collaborate to share experiments and data. This will also assist us to work in a reproducible environment.

The Centre has a close working relationship with the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) hosted by the Australian National University in Canberra. Currently, computational and storage resources at NCI are provided under the flagship scheme that supports the highest impact science.

There are three tiers that are necessary to provide an efficient ESL:

  • Hardware: For computational and data storage.
  • Software: Simulation models, data analysis and visualisation software.
  • Support: For users to configure and run models and to provide assistance to manage, analyse and visualise data.

The increased complexity of earth system models and the tremendous increase in the size of datasets was identified by the Centre and it was realised, even at the proposal stage, that it will be increasingly difficult in the future for researchers to work efficiently without the provision of a supported ESL.

While NCI provides the hardware tier, the software and support tiers are provided by the Centre’s Computational Modelling Systems (CMS) team.

The CMS team currently support a number of models which are run at the NCI facility. These include:

  • Unified Model
  • WRF
  • MOM4
  • CICE
  • ACCESS suite of models

The CMS team also provides assistance with the provision, management, analysis, and visualisation of data.

This is an area of rapidly increasing complexity due to the sheer size of the datasets being analysed and the more complex analysis and visualisation being undertaken by researchers.

Data storage and management for Centre researchers will be one of the key issues to be addressed in 2013.

For further information or assistance or visit the CMS support wiki.


CMS team
Claire Carouge (University of NSW)
Aidan Heerdegen (ANU)
Scott Wales (Melbourne University)
Paola Petrelli (University of Tasmania)
Nicholas Hannah (University of New South Wales)
Holger Wolff (Monash)

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