ARCCSS Workshop: Social media guidelines

Could those who would like to engage on Twitter, Facebook or other mediums during the conference contact Alvin with your Twitter handle. We would like to develop teams of Tweeters who can take on certain presentations. Hashtag #ARCCSS17


ARCCSS definitely encourages conference participants to actively engage on social media during the conference through a variety of platforms.  

To ensure that we maintain a level of professionalism and respect for our colleagues, we have developed this short guideline for social media use.  Most of it, as expected, is straight forward common sense, but if social media users could give it a quick once over, that would be appreciated.



  • The Twitter hashtag for the conference is #ARCCSS17
  • Try to use hashtags  (ie #climate #ciimatechange) as they increase the reach of tweets. 
  • It is important to remember that social media is considered a broadcast/publishing platform, so Australian defamation laws do apply. This does not mean that criticisms can't be made but they must be justified, rely on established facts and not aim to impugne someone's reputation.
  • Presenters should expect their comments and slides to be Tweeted, Facebooked or added to any social media platform. If a presenter does not want their presentations, comments or specific slides posted to social media, it is important that this is stated before a talk or slide is presented. This may be particularly important where presented research has not yet been published.
  • Do your best to differentiate your opinion or a paraphrased description from a speaker’s quotes – particularly on Twitter. Use quotation marks or some other signifier where possible.
  • If there is engagement through social media from peers outside of the conference, please engage them where they add to the discussion.  If there are questions about a presentation from these social media discussions, take the opportunity to ask the speaker at some point and relay the response.
  • Highlight our triumphs, collaborations and guests wherever you can.
  • During the conference we will have games and an ice-breaker. Feel free to broadcast these on social media, but please be generous to your participants. The simple rule here is if you wouldn’t say it to their face then don’t say it on a social network.
  • Posting photos of the conference is welcomed. However, please avoid posting those pictures that could be embarrassing to individuals. Because we work in climate science, we have to be much more careful about the images we post through our social networks. Climate cranks will take any opportunity to undermine our work.

But most important of all, have fun and engage as much as you can.

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