Climate Resources

Here are some science resources to help explain climate and allied sciences to the general public.


ARCCSS websites

  • Adrift (Tracking pollution in our oceans): Click on any part of the ocean and see where an object will drift for the next ten years. Originally created to track ocean garbage it shows where rubbish ends up or looks backwards in time to show where it came from.
  • Plastinography: Guided, interactive lessons with videos explaining how rubbish gets into and moves through our oceans.
  • Scorcher (Beta): A website tracking past and current heatwaves across Australia.
  • Ask a Climate Scientist: A Facebook page run by climate scientists who can answer any questions you may have about climate science.


Mapped to the Australian Science Curriculum


Other resources


Useful videos about climate science

  • 13 Misconceptions about global warming: An amusing and insightful video by Veritasium explaining some of the fundamental misunderstandings around climate change.
  • Weather vs Climate: A video by Neil deGrasse Tyson usng a dog and beach to explain the difference between climate and weather.




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