Workshop Hot and Dry Extremes - Processes and Interactions

September 8/9: CCRC, UNSW.

In early September, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science (ARCCSS) held a two-day workshop is to promote collaboration between different fields of research that have a common interest in heat waves. It brought together researchers from ARCCSS and other universities, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and leading personnel from a range of impacts sectors

The underlining theme of the workshop related to how heat waves are defined and what we need to include in this definition to satisfy the requirements of a range of impacts groups / researchers

Attendees were invited due to their notable interest in heatwaves and because of their the committed intention to actively participate in the research aims and projects that may arise.

Some of the presentations are available in pdf format below (highlighted in green). 


Monday, September 7

Chair: Eric Oliver


Morning Tea

Chair: Blair Trewin



Chair: Nicholas Herold


Afternoon tea

Chair: Sarah Perkins



Chair: Ailie Gallant


Morning Tea

Chair: Ruth Lorenz

  • Two summers of heatwaves. (Robert Fawcett)
  • Weather@Home Australia-New Zealand: Attribution of 2014 heat waves. (Mitchell Black)





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