ARCCSS Winter School 2012

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science will host its first annual winter school on July 9-13 at the School of Earth Sciences, The University of Melbourne. This is a high-level education program for honours and graduate students interested in climate science. Most students will have an undergraduate background in maths, physics or computational science.

The winter school will provide a broad overview of the key areas of climate science in the Centre’s main research programs. Researchers will explain how the Centre uses physics, maths, biology and hydrology, coupled with high performance computers to understand the processes and phenomena associated with climate science, climate variability and climate change.

Sessions of the winter school will be dedicated to the key drivers of Australian climate including tropical convection, climate extremes and land surface and ocean processes.

The school will also feature sessions on the modelling and data tools used in the Centre, particularly the ACCESS modelling system and CMIP5 data sets. Centre of Excellence staff based at Universities and partner organisations will deliver lectures.

Click on this link for a full list of sessions.

Click on this link for pdf files of presentations (password protected).

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