Research program: The role of land surface forcing and feedbacks for regional climate

Given we live on the land, source our water from the land, and grow our crops on the land, a research focus on this part of the climate system is to be expected.

Climate simulations worldwide have been successful at viewing the future effects of climate change at continental scales but have struggled at regional scales because of forcing and feedback effects caused by different land-use types, urban landscapes, fire, irrigation etc.

The Centre’s researchers will explore the processes and feedbacks associated with different land types over Australia. They will examine regional energy and water budgets and how land types affect climate – particularly irrigated areas, urban spaces and fire affected regions.  More broadly our researchers will examine the processes, which explain how energy, water and carbon vary in Australian soils and vegetation.

This research will directly lead to regionally detailed Australian climate models that will give us a far greater insight into the processes that explain observed changes in land-surface processes and what future climate change holds for our soils and vegetation.

The land surface scheme CABLE is our primary research tool. CABLE is the Community Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange model, initially developed by CSIRO. It is now a community model (under strict version control) with strong engagement from the Centre of Excellence. CABLE code and supporting information are hosted at our Partner Organization NCI. You can find the CABLE Community page here and the Cable Community Roadmap 2012-2017 here. If you have a NCI account you can contribute to this page.


What should a land surface researcher read?


Chief Investigators

Associate Professor Michael Roderick (ANU)
Professor Andrew Pitman (UNSW)
Dr Lisa Alexander (UNSW)
Dr Todd Lane (University of Melbourne)
Dr Melissa Hart (UNSW)

Partner Investigators

Dr Ying Ping Wang (CAWCR-CSIRO)
Dr Christa Peters-Lidard (NASA-Goddard Space Flight Centre, USA)
Professor Hoshin Gupta (University of Arizona, USA)
Professor Rowan Sutton (NCAS, UK)

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