How To Fix The Misspelled Words Easily

Have a lot of writing and don't know what's the easiest way to check it for spelling errors or typos? Don't worry because this article will help you fix it in a very simple way. Not every text which we type is free from this kind of thing, let alone the average accuracy of people in typing is about 92%.


So in other words, for every 100 words, there must be 8 typos, even a professional himself cannot be separated from the following typo problems. They have an accuracy of about 97% and even more. Also, every piece of writing that has been completed must enter the proofreading phase so that the text is easy to read and free from errors.

Fix Any Grammar Mistake With This Simple Steps

fix the misspelled words
When writing a script, essay, or text, our writing certainly does have unavoidable the misspelling of the words. This is a problem that often occurs, that why we need to fix the misspelled words. It must feel really bad when we are writing then suddenly some words are misspelled or mistyped. This is very annoying, but my advice is if something like this happens it's best to just keep writing.

Why? because of a misspelling or typo, it can still be fixed later. Moreover, if we spend time just correcting and fix a typo, it will certainly reduce the productivity of our writing. remember sometimes there is an idea that suddenly disappears just because we focus on the spelling of the sentence, we write to focus on the word rather than what we want to write.

So if something like that happens when we're busy writing, it's better to just ignore it since we can fix the misspelled words easily with the method I will explain below. Why do you need to ignore it? Because this can eliminate our focus on writing other than correcting text since we can rewrite text and remove errors in writing is quite easy. that's why this article was made, which is here will explain how to fix misspelled words with very few simple steps.

There are several ways to fix spelling, for example by hiring someone to make corrections to the writing that we make. This is of course needs money if we need professionals to rewrite the text. But there's a way to reword text without spending any penny. Like using software such as Microsoft Word or using an online site to corrects spelling errors and fix any grammar mistakes. The first way to fix misspelled words is to use Microsoft Word.

Because this is the most commonly used software, especially on almost all computers or laptops this software is already installed.

How To Fix A Typo With Microsoft Word

The first thing we do is to open the following ms word application, the way is to go to the search menu by clicking the windows button then clicking the s button and typing the word Microsoft word, or go to the start menu and look for it there. after that, the next thing we have to do is to copy all the text that we want to correct the spelling into Microsoft word. But if the text message is already in Microsoft Word, it will be much easier to fix it.

  1. Press F7 to open the spell checker
  2. A new window will appear
  3. After that click edit to replace the misspelled words or you can also click autocorrect if that option is active

Examples of messages that are misspelled and corrected with ms word. Can you guess how many spelling errors are there in the following text?


fix grammar error


after fix spelling mistakes

The F7 key is a shortcut to open the spell check feature. This feature can be opened manually by clicking the Review tab and then selecting spelling & grammar.

fix spelling mistakes

It's easy, isn't it? But if you don't have this application, don't worry because there are other ways to fix the misspelled words using an online site.

Correct Your Misspelled Words Using Grammarly

Here's how to correct spelling mistakes with Grammarly

  1. First, you need to Register Grammarly here it's free
  2. After the account has been created, please confirm the email
  3. Click new
  4. Copy the message or text you want to fix
  5. Paste the message into the column provided
  6. Wait for a moment
  7. Then click on all suggestions to fix the misspelled word

Here's what looks like

grammarly fix misspelled words

That's all, but if you already have the documents you cant upload them directly into Grammarly.

How Do You Fix Misspelled Words?

To fix misspelled words is very easy, just use the Microsoft word application or Grammarly. Which method is a better way to correct and fix grammar in our writing? Of course, I recommend Grammarly because here we can determine the goals of our writing, such as who will read our writing. are people in general, knowledgeable people or experts?

fix typo with grammarly

In addition, if our writing is corrected grammatically, we can determine the formality of the writing. Not to mention that what we write is can also be improved by changing the purpose of the writing, whether to provide information or to tell a story. The most important thing is that Grammarly is free, so hurry up and register here.

There is no charge, but if you want to use premium features, please subscribe. quite cheap and very worth it. There is nothing wrong to use Grammarly, especially if our daily life is used for writing. So you can fix and spelling error or any grammar mistake with ease. Grammarly is very suitable for editors, bloggers, or those who work in the field of writing.

That's how you fix the misspelled text or words in writing easily, are you still having trouble? So which method is your favorite? So that's it for now and thanks for reading.

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