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How to make the most of a conference trip to Europe

Mat Lipson explains how he made the most out of a worksop and research trip to Europe. 

How to win a William P. Lowry Graduate Student Award

Stephanie Jacobs offers some tips on how to make a winning presentation.

Do you speak STEM?

With the decline in students choosing STEM subjects and a rise in the need for STEM experts, Stephanie Downes says it's time for students to recognise their STEM potential.

14th International Swiss Summer School

Peter Gibson and Tammas Loughran attended the 14th International Swiss Summer School was held at Monte Verita

What is the right way to measure heatwaves

Sarah Perkins' experience of a European heatwave confirmed why we need a consistent, international standard measurement for heatwaves.

Report: EGU General Assembly, 2015.

Duncan Ackerley reports back on the massive EGU conference held in Vienna this year. 

And again – head in the clouds, or clouds in my head?

Find out what Wiebke Frey is up to now since she moved on from ARCCSS.

UK collaboration visit: April - June 2015

Duncan Ackerley has been doing some impressive collaborations with the UK Met Office as well as driving tanks across the English countryside.

To the ice-edge and back

Robyn Schofield reports on a new era of Southern Ocean atmospheric observation from the bridge of the RV Investigator.

Part 4: Python's snakey problems could stump Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci once said 'Learning never exhausts the mind'. Times have changed, Mr da Vinci.

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