Dr Nicholas Herold

Post-doctoral Research Fellow


Climate Change Research Centre
University of New South Wales

Email: nicholas.herold@unsw.edu.au





Nicholas is interested in both climate extremes and the climate of Earth's past. He joined the Climate Extremes research group in 2015 and is currently helping further develop software for the calculation of climate extremes indices. His work will involve interacting with communities around the globe to help utilise their meteorological data to understand trends in extremes in their region. He is also interested in better determining how well statistical information on climate extremes can be downscaled from climate model output.

Nicholas is furthermore interested in testing the skill of current generation climate models in simulating the significantly warmer-than-present climates of the past 65 million years. This period (known as the Cenozoic era) is a good test bed for determining whether climate models used to simulate the projected warm climates of the future are able to capture known significant climate changes in the past.



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