Mr Paul Hartlipp

Masters Student

Supervisors: Dr Angela Maharaj, Dr Zlatko Jovanoski

Thesis Title

An assessment of sea surface height estimates from coastal altimetry in the Northern Australia and Maritime Continent Region and its potential for improving understanding of the near coastal circulation.


I am an ex-software developer who is bringing over thirty years of software experience to bear on the science regarding climate change. In past software “lives” I have had the privilege of using my software skills as a technician to help people at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York and at the Australian Tsunami Warning System here in Canberra. While at the centre I would like to study some of the ways mathematics and computer science can be applied to specific oceanographic issues currently being addressed by climate scientists. Recently I have been working on regional oceanographic simulations using ROMS and will now be concentrating on satellite data for my MPhil. I want to use this background to better understand satellite data, its applications, and limitations in an effort to maximize its effectiveness when used as an input to oceanographic models. While I feel most comfortable at a desk in front of a computer I recently participated in the 60 day HEOBI voyage where I ran the CTD and collected seawater samples used to calibrate the conductivity sensor. My current research project investigates the value and integrity of near-coastal sea surface height observations for the complex Maritime Continent region from recent satellite missions to determine its usefulness for improving our understanding of the ocean circulation in the region.

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