Serena Schroeter

University of Tasmania

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
University of Tasmania

Supervisors: Dr Will Hobbs , Professor Nathan Bindoff

Thesis Title

The response of Antarctic sea ice to anthropogenic climate change, from model and satellite observations


Serena commenced at IMAS in 2015. She is investigating the drivers behind the increasing trend in Antarctic sea ice extent using data from observations and global coupled climate models. Her research will examine the interactions between sea ice extent and large-scale atmospheric circulation, upper-ocean temperature, fresh water forcing, and sea ice volume and salinity in order to determine whether sea ice variation in different sectors around Antarctica is mainly driven the by ocean, the atmosphere, or a combination of both. 

Prior to joining the UTas, Serena completed a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne. Serena also completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, through which she undertook field training in geology, glaciology, and meteorology at Scott Base, Antarctica. 


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