Ajitha Cyriac

PhD Student

University of Tasmania
Email: ajitha.cyriac@utas.edu.au
Supervisors: Dr Helen Phillips, Professor Nathan Bindoff, Dr Ming Feng

Thesis Title

Eastward flows, Ocean mixing, and Air-seainteraction in the Southeast Indian Ocean


Ajitha started her PhD at UTAS in November 2016. In her project, she will be looking at internal waves and small-scale mixing in the southeast Indian Ocean using data collected from the EM-APEX floats. Turbulent mixing plays an important role in large-scale oceanic processes like overturning circulation. However, our knowledge on mixing in the ocean is limited due to lack of enough high-resolution observations to resolve them. Previous studies have shown that the EM-APEX floats are efficient in resolving the internal waves and the mixing caused when they break. She hopes that her study would help to improve our knowledge on mixing in the ocean interior. Ajitha completed her bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) in 2012. After that she pursued her Master’s degree, from the Indian Institute of Technology  (IIT) Kharagpur in 2013 where she focused on the variability of sensible heat flux over bay of Bengal and its connection to IOD.

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