Biography of Ariaan Purich

Ariaan Purich

PhD Student

Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship, CSIRO Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW
Supervisors: Dr Wenju CaiProfessor Matthew England


Thesis Title

Global atmospheric and oceanic influences on changes in Southern Hemisphere extratropical climate


Ariaan started her PhD at CSIRO/UNSW in 2014. She is looking into the observed relationships between large-scale climate features and trends across the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, and determining whether such relationships also exist in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 5 (CMIP5) models.

Ariaan completed her MSc in atmospheric and oceanic sciences at McGill University (Canada) in 2011, where her research focussed on dynamically-induced precipitation changes associated with Antarctic ozone hole depletion. From 2012-2014, Ariaan worked at CSIRO, looking into the relationship between large scale climate drivers (El Niño Southern Oscillation, the Indian Ocean Dipole, and the Southern Annular Mode) and Australian rainfall, as well as heat wave metrics and synoptic conditions across Australia.

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