Biography of Duncan Ackerley

Duncan Ackerley

Research Fellow

Monash University
Researcher ID: A-8052-2013




I am going to use the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) to investigate the representation of climate variability and climate change with a view to developing a low-resolution of ACCESS that is useful for multi-millennial simulations.


My interest in atmospheric science started from an early age and led me to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology from the University of Reading in 2003. I stayed at the University of Reading a bit longer and received my Ph.D. there in 2007, which was entitled, “Uncertainties in the climate response to sulphate aerosol and CO2 forcing”. During the Ph.D. I worked with to produce a perturbed physics ensemble of general circulation model simulations that were downloaded and run by members of the public. After the Ph.D. I continued to work at the University of Reading on the representation of dust aerosol in the Met Office Unified Model in collaboration with the Dispersion Group at the Met Office. Then in October 2008 I left the United Kingdom to take up a role as Climate Scientist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in Wellington, New Zealand. During that time I ran regional climate model simulations of past, present and future New Zealand climate. In June 2011 I moved to Australia and took up a position at Monash University in Melbourne to look at the processes that lead to rainfall over the north-west of the continent and I have remained at Monash since.

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