Biography of Maxime Colin

Maxime Colin

PhD Student


Matthews Building,

Supervisors: Steve SherwoodJason EvansSandrine Bony



Thesis Title

Representing tropical deep convection in global climate models: focus on the behaviour of slippery thermals and the importance of convective memory.


Maxime started his PhD at UNSW in 2014. Using numerical simulations by cloud-resolving models, his PhD project aims to investigate and test new key parameters that may help parameterizations of deep convection take into account memory/organisation effects during the growth of tropical convective clouds. The overarching goal is to tackle some of the biggest issues of parameterized convection in climate models. To make it simple, Maxime wants to assess how important convective memory is during cloud growth and what is the best parameter to capture all the memory effects in a simple way. What is our atmosphere's memory? Why does it keep its organisation?”

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