Biography of Professor Michael Roderick

Professor Michael Roderick

The Australian National University

Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University,


Researcher ID: C-9621-2009



BAppSc (1984) Queensland University of Technology
PGDipGIS (1990) University of Queensland
PhD (1994) Curtin University of Technology




Professor Michael Roderick graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Surveying from the Queensland University of Technology in 1984 and subsequently worked as a surveyor across northern Australia until 1990. He completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Queensland in 1990. After working with the Department of Agriculture in Perth (1991-1993) he joined Curtin University. He was a lecturer at the School of Spatial Sciences, Curtin University of Technology, from 1993-1996 and completed a PhD in satellite remote sensing and environmental modelling at Curtin University in 1994. He joined the Australian National University as a research fellow in 1996 and currently holds a joint appointment as Professor between the Research School of Earth Sciences and the Research School of Biology.

Professor Roderick’s principle research interests are in environmental physics, climate science, ecohydrology (including plant-water relations), remote sensing and ecological dynamics. He has made major international contributions to understanding the water-energy-carbon linkage.

An advocate of national and international scientific collaboration, Prof Roderick co-instigated and co-organised the first international scientific meeting to address the observed decline in evaporative demand and the implications for the terrestrial water balance, hosted in 2004 by the Australian Academy of Science. He has also acted as an advisor to the US National Science Foundation’s program on ecohydrology. He led the Theoretical Developments in Carbon Cycle Science program of the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting from 2001-2006.

In 1999, Prof Roderick received the J.B.S. Haldane Prize of the British Ecological Society for research linking water-energy-carbon-nutrients at a leaf scale and in 2004 he received a Top100 award for his research on evaporation. He was awarded the Australasian Science Prize in 2009 for his research on evaporation and changing water availability. In 2013 he was awarded the John Dalton Medal by the European Geosciences Union for his groundbreaking research on trends in the water cycle. In 2015 he was elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union for his contributions to the science of evaporation and transpiration, including interpretation of changes in evapotranspiration under global environmental change.

Prof Roderick is also an active supervisor and mentor to emerging scientists. He is currently supervising three PhD scholars, and has seen eight of his PhD scholars graduate since 2001.

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