Ms Sonja Neske

PhD Student

Monash University
Supervisors: Shayne McGregor

Thesis Title

Understanding the warm water volume precursor of ENSO and its interdecadal variation


Sonja started her PhD at Monash University in April 2016. Before joining Monash she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Oceanography at the University of Hamburg in 2013 and her Master’s degree in Integrated Climate System Sciences at the University of Hamburg in 2015.
Her PhD project focuses on the dynamics driving the El Niño- Southern Oscillation (ENSO). She uses a wind forced ocean model to decompose the equatorial Pacific warm water volume (the precursor of ENSO events) into the adjusted wind response and the instantaneous wind response. This way the debate about a self-sustained cyclic ENSO view (driven by the adjusted wind response) vs. an event-like ENSO view (driven by the instantaneous wind response) is addressed

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