Biography of Dr Stephanie Waterman

Dr Stephanie Waterman

Associate Investigator

University of British Columbia

University of New South Wales

Researcher ID: A-5672-2012





Stephanie is a physical oceanographer with research interests in ocean dynamics, specifically scale interactions in the oceanic circulation and the implications of these interactions for the large-scale circulation.

She likes to look at problems from both observational and theoretical perspectives, using targeted field observations, observational data analysis, idealised process modelling, analytical analysis, and laboratory studies in her work.

Her current research focuses on understanding eddy mixing mechanisms through an innovative decomposition of the eddy motion into various components, an approach she applies to theoretical models, various observations of eddy motion in the Southern Ocean, and state-of-the-art climate models.

She is also interested in understanding the effects of eddies in the ocean circulation more generally, in particular in jet systems like the Gulf Stream and Kuroshio, as well as in the role of submesoscale processes (i.e. internal waves and turbulence) in Southern Ocean dynamics.

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