The Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program has now transitioned to the ARC Centre for Excellence for Climate Extremes. If you are interested in graduate opportunites with us, please visit our new website.


A strategic objective of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science is to transform graduate education in climate science at the national scale. This is where our graduate program, led by graduate director, Melissa Hart, comes in. The graduate program reaches beyond a single university and aims to develop the technical and intellectual capacity of Australian graduate students engaged in Climate System Science.  

Our students are enrolled at one of our five universities; however they are often supervised across universities, and/or co-supervised by researchers from the CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, or one of our international partners. Most students are involved in collaborative projects that span across our universities, partner organisations, and often our research programs. We provide generous travel support for our students to visit our national and international partners. For more information about graduate and honours opportunities, including examples of projects, click here.

For information on how to apply for admission and scholarship to work in our Centre, click here. Outstanding students may receive top-ups above the rates funded via Australian government PhD scholarships from the Centre of Excellence. We are currently offering $10k/year top-ups for students who are successful in gaining Australian government PhD scholarships embarking on a PhD that is focused specifically on climate or weather model development.

We have honours scholarships available for students undertaking honours in climate science at one of our five universities.  We also offer undergraduate summer scholarships to provide undergraduate students from Australian universities an introduction to cutting-edge climate science research at one of our five universities, or our national partners- CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Our graduate program provides winter schools, workshops and training courses to educate, train and build relationships for our students.

Centre students have the opportunity to sit-in, either in person or virtually, on climate science courses being taught at each of our universities. Details of courses can be found here.

Our annual winter schools, open to all students regardless of their affiliation with the Centre of Excellence, are high-level education program for honours and graduate students interested in climate science.

We run regular scientific paper writing workshops for students to gain insight and paper writing support from both their peers, and mentors within the Centre. We also run regular training seminars and courses in the use of key software tools, utilizing the expertise of our Computational Modelling Support team.

In addition to our winter schools, workshops and training programs, the graduate program includes a virtual component consisting of virtual seminars and recorded lectures. This material will continue to evolve in the coming years.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Centre, or have questions about any part of the graduate program, please feel free to contact our Graduate Director, Dr Melissa Hart. In addition to overseeing, and the ongoing development, of the graduate program, Melissa is there to listen to the wants and needs of our students, provide advice when needed, and to advocate for students within the CoE to ensure that they get the most from their candidature.

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