WRF Tutorial & Workshop


13-17 November 2017


The University of New South Wales is hosting a WRF basic tutorial 13-16 (Monday to Thursday) November 2017, followed by a one day workshop on WRF related research on the 17th (Friday) of November 2017.

The WRF basic tutorial will be taught by the team from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in the USA. This WRF tutorial is aimed at new users. It consists of lectures on the components of the WRF modelling system and the ARW, as well as practical sessions providing hands-on experience with using the software.

The workshop to be held on the Friday is aimed at more experienced users. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for WRF users to share new developments, present research highlights, and discuss issues of interest to both the users and developers. Participants of the workshop are encouraged to present their research either orally or as a poster.

The event is sponsored by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science. Registration is free of charge, however please note that places are strictly limited so register early to ensure your place. The registration does not include accommodation, meals or travel and each participant must make their own arrangements. Some nearby accommodation options can be found here.

Please find the Workshop and Tutorial Agendas below:

WRF Tutorial: November 13 - 16

WRF Workshop: November 17


Slides for the tutorial can be found below:

Monday: David Gill, Kelly Werner, Jimy Duhia, Wei Wang

WRF Modeling System Overview

Program Real

Compilation Process

Set Up & Run,

Tuesday: Kelly Werner, Jimy Dudhia

Nesting WRF

WRF Physics Part |

Post-processing tools

Wednesday: Joseph Klemp, Wei Wang, Jimy Dudhia, Dave Gill

WRF Dynamics

WRF Idealised Cases

WRF Registry

WRF Physics Part ||

Thursday: Kelly Werner, Wei Wang, Jimy Dudhia, Dave Gill

WRF Four Dimensional Data Assimilation

WRF Options

WRF Data & Utilities

WRF Best Practices

WRF in Docker Container

Wrap Up

WRF Workshop (Friday): Joseph Klemp, Acacia Pepler, Wei Wang, Abhnil Prasad, Shaoxiu Ma, Jimy Dudhia, Giovanni Di Virgilio, Maxime Colin, Jason Evans, Claire Vincent, Micheal Duda

Accommodating Terrain in the WRF Model Numbers

Influence of Australian Topography on Regional Climate

Evaluating Tropical Cyclone Prediction

Simulating Roll Clouds Associated with Low-level convergence

Urban Heat Island & Mitigation Options in Sydney

Evaluation of Weather Research & Forecasting

ERA-Interim Driven CORDEX AustralAsia Evaluation

Radiative-Convective Equilibrium

Convection-Permitting Regional Climate Modelling of the Maritime Continent

WRF 10-year Climatology of Variability in Rainfall

Progress Towards Regional Capability in MPAS-A



If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact A/Professor Jason Evans on either:

P: 9385 7066

E: jason.evans@unsw.edu.au

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